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Testimonial Template

Release Form

Little River Associates, Inc

"Little River Associates, Inc. is in the business of helping inventors find commercial value for their inventions. So we are dependent on inventors finding us if they are looking for help. I had a suggestion from a client that led me to a new customer who has a great invention. Without Suggestion MailBox, I would not have known about this person or his invention."
- Bennett, President

Rotatary Club of Blacksburg

"Our Rotary Club of Blacksburg has had success getting really helpful suggestions from our club members using Suggestion MailBox. I think the opportunity to submit comments and ideas anomously is a major factor is getting suggestions that might not have been submitted in person. I think it will also be a great source of ideas to improve our club by gathering input from our public fundraising activities."
- Russell Shock

Blacksburg Tap House

"Blacksburg Taphouse is a local gastropub featuring 33 rotating draft beers from around the world. Not only do we specialize in craft beer, but we also take pride in offering a diverse menu which we source quality local products and produce everything possible in-house. Since becoming a member of Suggestion Mailbox, we have received a multitude of suggestions that we would never have thought of otherwise. We have found that customers are more apt to submit an idea anonymously than to seek a manager and make it face to face. Suggestion Mailbox provides the customer with the ability to provide useful insight without hindering the daily operations of the establishment. We look forward to continued growth with Suggestion Mailbox and the many more inspiring suggestions it will provide."
- Patrick, General Manager