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Suggestion MailBox is a free app that can be downloaded and run on Apple and Android Smart Phone and Tablets. It provides a means for the user to locate a local business and submit either anonymous or attributed suggestions that may help the business do better in terms of all aspects of the business ranging from service to facility to products to anything. Businesses can manage and control their Suggestion Page and offer specials and/or rewards for suggestions received.

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How the Suggestion MailBox App Works

The App, Suggestion MailBox, is free and may be downloaded to a Smartphone or Tablet from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

  1. Once loaded on the Smartphone/Tablet and opened, the App is activated and automatically looks for and lists (by closest to farthest distance from the Smartphone’s location) all businesses that are members of Suggestion MailBox that are within a 20-miles radius of the Smartphone’s location.
  2. If the business you want to submit an idea or suggestion to does not appear in the list, then it may be that the business is outside the 20-mile radius. (In this case, see 5 below.)
  3. If the business you do want to submit an idea or suggestion to is on the list, merely select it and a new screen will come up with that businesses’ logo, name, web site, address, and phone number (all of which are active and may be selected if you wish). On this screen you may type in your idea, comment, or suggestion and submit it to that business anonymously or, if you so choose (it isn’t necessary); put in your email address so the recipient knows the suggestion was from you and can respond to you and keep you informed as to the status of the suggestion. You may also attach a photo to the suggestion (the photo will need to be on the Smartphone) if you so choose (but it isn’t necessary).
  4. Once you have completed the suggestion, select “Send My Suggestion”; and the suggestion is emailed to the recipients selected by management to receive the suggestions. No one other than the designated recipients will receive the suggestions.
  5. Given that the business you want to send a suggestion to does not appear automatically on the initially loaded list; select the “Search” button on the top of the App screen. This selection will bring up a new screen where the user may type in any of several blank entries – each of which will progressively narrow the search to find and display the business to which the user is interested in submitting a suggestion. The order in which the user might enter these search criteria are: the name of the business, the zip code, the State, the city, and finally the street address. There is also a distance selection possible by the user so that the search may be limited to distances from the Smartphone up to 100 miles.
  6. If the user wants to submit a suggestion to a member business that is beyond 100 miles, then he may do so by going to the Suggestion MailBox web site ( and under the Member Directory find the appropriate business, and submit a suggestion via the web site. This method is the same as the App suggestion submission (i.e. it can be anonymous, with an email address, etc.).